Trajectory of a Love


An ecstasy, situated
Between him and me.


Skidding over
Bumps: lumps
In his throat, throttled
Down with sheer

Glide: the pride
Of Fate that bears
Souls on, beyond
The room they

Live in to the one
Upstairs they didn’t
Know was there.


Apart, the light
Was glorious.
Beach-ball-bats glistened.

With him, it is

The bench is the
Stage and all the rest


In reality
Time swept
On, no less
Neat than

Before nailed
Feet, freed,
Leapt on.


Clint shoots, I hear the clocks
Tick next to mine: his are deeper
And faster, keeping
Time for larger kidneys and gall
Bladder or me, I hope.


I’ll write
You a word or
Two, here in

The dark, here’s
My word sounding
Bright through the

To you over
There, squared
Out in my mind’s

Eye, through the
Cold dead window
Blocked out with

Ice-mist then


Thread me a moon
Through your ear
To my heart
Booming – that irregular

Jump-start tune.
Sink my flutter
Deep in the velvet
Depths of our kinned psyches,

Twinned by Chance
Across split wombs.
Crop my vagaries
Sage them trim.

With your sharp-
Wit-reason, order
My din into sound-
Bunked rhymes, chimes,

Ringing, deft
In time.


Let him come to me
When he will,
If he wants to,

Feel my frame
Touch his, back to
Chest and chest

To back, ribs to
Cheek and head
To chin.


Let him look
Away and dwell
There for a while
Tasting air, different
From mine.


We can’t demand
Love anymore than
We can change the

Colour of our eyes
But we can give
It and so free

Ourselves from the
Burden of Self.


For the
Feeling stealing
Time from other

You tapped
In Morse
From the
Finger to over-
And-out my woe.


The talk is of
Chatter the chat
Is of less but

The eyes watch
It all wise in
Quiet waiting

For later to
Be laid bare.


I wait
At the traffic lights
Filling time with you.


The deep and
Gentle rise and fall,
What’s that he said? That

Thudding like the ebb in
Warm wide water,
Refuge for the frenzied waves.


She thanked him for
Finding the eyes she’d dropped,
For washing them clean
With a salt hug,
The best kind:


She found herself
Asking him
How his day

He liked how she
Bathed his stories
In warm water
Before bedtime.

She liked his way
Of being the
Full stop to end
A long day.

Together their
Effort made a kind
Of prose, as yet
Without a plot.


I want to be the one
You feel
Instinct pull
You to –
The stillness
In your heart between
Each beat.


I’m sorry I forgot
To write, Life’s
Distractions were too

Many and delicious
To make me crave
For you.

You were there, but
Rather distant
Undemanding and

Discrete, like a
Statue in the shadows
Smiling through the

I’m sorry I forgot
You,left you
Waiting for my words

I’m sorry if you feel
Neglected, be assured,
You cross my thoughts,

Dont count the hours-
Time it creeps, but life
Goes on in

Leaps and bounds,
Whether or not you
Hear from me.


We lock our hearts away
In a strong case made of

Glass you can see but not
Penetrate and behind each

Plate we line up the cups with
Matching saucers, best bit turned

To face the audience while behind
It cracks choke on dust and the

Wood collects gloom for want of
Other company; these cups have

Nothing to say, locked away for
So long, they have forgotten how

To warm their bones with tea, how
To handle the soothing, be cradled in
Jammy fingers and strawberry thumb.


Now is the sharp hour bright
Enough to cast clear
Shadows that can be read aloud.


You shook me though
You didn’t know it
You gave me a home
And then you locked
Me out and left
Me tapping at the
Windows and sitting
On the doorstep
Out in the cold.


Echoing back into
The cave of shadows,
You were the major
Chord, now you are the
Minor key that I

Tune into now and
Then, like opening
An empty biscuit
Tin just to pick at

Put the lid back on.


Wherever you are
There is love,
Wherever I am
There is love,

If we meet,
There is love,
If we don’t,
There is love,

If you meet another,
There is love,
If we meet again,
There is love,

All loves lead home.


Are you there? My little one

My little mister, my mister?

Our time together was the

Shortest and the deepest,

I saw it then, I see it now, from

Above, like an old ruin, etched

In the crops, impossible to know

How old or how rich it was.

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