Full Moon

You are a world in a

Man, you are my heart in

My hand and my stomach

In a cup that can never

Be drained, you warm up

My soul with your pulse,

Your nostrils and your breaths,

Every hair that moves

On your face is lucky to be

Born near a warmth so

Keen it could run rings around

Me after circling the moon.

The world is so loud at night

I hear Morocco pulsing

In my feet and Hong Kong

Twinkling in my throat


Montserratian and Barbadian lapping

Ears over to New Orleans,

Rolling down to Acapulco


Further down Columbian greens

That heard my father’s

First word to the world


Now I’m flying high above

The deep giant squids and

Corals, fighting and fading into blue


Back to Europe, Corfu

Familiar pieces of the jig saw puzzle

Curling at the edges, many missing


Do of it what can be done

With what is left, before

Some breeze, dog or toddler gusts it apart, unthinking.

One Short Breath


Fresh long breath

Through a clear

Head back to brain

Down, round the

Soul and down

To feet and toe

Bones lain on the

Cool Floor,

Feeling the cold

Hum of the house

On the street

Buzzing with cars

And shaking with

Trees in the wind.


Out it flows

Lungs compress,

Cupped above the


Up it gusts through

Teeth to air

Outside, inside the

Room and part

Of the world, warmed

Up by flesh.


[20th September]