God it must be boring

To work in a hotel,
Serving servings of
This and that all day long
And most of the night,  

Seeing everything everyone
Eats and excretes and uses
And abuses and all the little
Bits that end up in the bin,

Hearing all the same old
Complaints and compliments
Pasted to the same old breaches
And reaches of etiquette,  

Smelling the duty-free bargains
Fused with burnt navels
Every evening, smothered
In After-Sun, day in, day out.

In his tale of two cities Dickens said ‘The day came coldly, like a dead face out of the sky’

What is there to fill this grey day?

Is there someone for whom

It is not grey, is there someone

Who switches on the lights with

Every blink? Is there a place

In this grey city where life flows

Strong and people are enjoying

Their work and loving themselves

And seeing light in every eye even

Though the sun’s switched off?

Working the Earth

Work to produce to

Make the day into

Something full of

Activity to replace

The necessity it used to bring,

When cold was a thing to be

Feared and hunger

Was a real beast

Lurking in the thicket

Keeping sucklings fed.

Work to produce to

Make life out of business

And stuff out of wire to

Whirr full the cables that

Keep operating while the

Forests host hackers and

Frozen screens glacier

Crash faster than we can

Gloss over snaps with cyber

Ice cream to fill the cracks

Where Earth used to be .


Taken round a

Cyber cell large

Enough to house

A hundred people,

The office. Hell? No,

Nice people, coffee machine,

No pressure, just

Sit and tinker, tinker,

Away and watch

Life linger, there

In a new tab.


[Written 14th MAy 2009]

Waterloo at Sundown

Rolling down

Down hill, Life

Is easy like

Punch and the Sun,

Today, on the river,

Red and round

And full of warm

Deep ochre,

 Along the river

It ran thick

And cooled quickly

Into twilight we could walk on,

Dry and clean, through

The drum-song of buskers

And the smoke of drinkers,

After work.

Who walked? I and

Passers by, passing by

The river, passing us.