Full Moon

You are a world in a

Man, you are my heart in

My hand and my stomach

In a cup that can never

Be drained, you warm up

My soul with your pulse,

Your nostrils and your breaths,

Every hair that moves

On your face is lucky to be

Born near a warmth so

Keen it could run rings around

Me after circling the moon.

Patient longer

Let him come to me

When he will

When he wants to

When he needs to

Feel my warmth

Touch his, back to

Chest and chest

To back, ribs to

Cheek and head

To chin.

Let him look

Away and dwell

There for a while

Tasting air, different

From mine.

Let him stay there

If the taste is good

And that air teems

Thick with Life,

Thicker than mine,

For him.