What made us think?

We looked at the world.

We took it all in

In colours and smells and

Thorns in our toes.


We smoothed down

The bark, carpeted

The mud, wove over

The stark panic


Or stole skin

From creatures better

Equipped for a trip

To this planet.


We woke up

Morn after morn and

Wondered what had swung

The orb lights round,


Seeming kinned

To the glints in the

Rock; mine it, let it

Wink at its clan.


Danger prints

On the track brim with

Odour, boding blood-

For it or us,



We revved our heads and

Span a thought sharper

Than a sabre’s tooth.

Bacterial Thinking

Magic rolling tune

Song strung behind

Mine mind mule

Dashed out after

Dark and deeper

Thinking moulding

Round the days gone

By in a thick haze

Green enough to

Grow algae’s virulent spores

To touch the Future

Tinge its raw with

Green flecks where flesh

Taints on thoughts

That writhe alive

Between what is red

And fresh and clean.