Day by day, getting here

I have been ill

I have been fat

I have been thin

I have been blind

I have been unhappy

I have been ugly

I have been beautiful

I have been clever

I have been slow

I have been switched off

I have been switched on

I have sufffered

I have enjoyed suffering

I have gloried in my struggle.

I have benighted my pain

Have I  triumphed through adversity?

No, I have been Adversity itself.

There is no triumph through it,

Only change in direction.

I have seen my


my path, travelled

along it some then

made a new one,

In search of better scenery.

Have I found it?

Yes. Now the road

is long and I am

it and it is me

and the view is

what I allow myself

to be.

Park perspective

Without him the light

Is glorious.

Beach-ball-bats glisten.

With him it would

Be different.

A bench would be our

Stage and all the world,