Looking out on Manhattan from Brooklyn: Thought 1 between Madison and Wonder

Up up upp

Adding more

To spill over

Sight into sound

‘Awws’ and ‘Ewws’

Jazz sigh blues, lovers’

News repeated in the park

In each-other and others’ ears

Close behind the train sound

Chases the river breeze East.

Cinema Fate?


 Fourth from the

Front, too

Squashed, hop

Back one, and

Space. A

Head pops

Up and floats

To fill the empty

Seat beside

Me. I hear

His breathing,

higher than mine, a tall

Man, about

My age,younger

maybe, or healthier.

He reacts to the

Film in the normal

Way and puts

A manly distance

Between me

And his laughs,

No sighs.


Ice crackles in my plastic

Cup and I hear

Coke rush down my

Throat, trying not to

Gulp and sound revolting.


Corleone rumbles on,

Tomato trees shake

With his frame –

Shots sound and

I shudder, alone. My

Ice rattles

While the head looks

On, still,calm,

He’s seen it ten

Times before,maybe.

I’ll never know

Waterloo at Sundown

Rolling down

Down hill, Life

Is easy like

Punch and the Sun,

Today, on the river,

Red and round

And full of warm

Deep ochre,

 Along the river

It ran thick

And cooled quickly

Into twilight we could walk on,

Dry and clean, through

The drum-song of buskers

And the smoke of drinkers,

After work.

Who walked? I and

Passers by, passing by

The river, passing us.