Free Range Patriarch Eggs

 Sell by 500 BC, use by 2011 AD

Fight, pillage,

Resources are privileged,

Keep ‘just desserts’ close,

Shroud outsiders in fear, hide

Shared traits, quick, before

Anybody spies.

Meanwhile, Reason

Comes slow through the underground

Caves , then to bathe, un-yoked

And innocent in the full

Gaze of dawn.

Thought from the Verge

Thread me a moon
Through your ear
To my heart
Booming – that irregular
Jump – start tune.

Sink my flutter
Deep in the velvet
Depths of our kinned psyches,
Twinned by Chance
Across split wombs.

Crop my vagaries
Sage them trim.
With your sharp –
Wit – reason, order
My din into sound –
Bunked rhymes, chimes
Ringing, deft
In time.