There is no way out, the
Present is everywhere I go;
In every state I stop or start
The only EXIT is sleep;
Unless death is a dream.

In good time

The Past bore us.

The Future holds

us – this very

second is that.

For now, we have

run out of Time.

25th Birthday Present

Sprained. The ankle swang me

On a broken hinge, creaked

Me in the breeze against a poor

Supporting wall, Scratched black.


Nothing could feel better than

For the past to be present,

I did not feel murderous

Now was no victim, then.


Om Shanti, Peace, up and down

And down, Head to toes and toes

 To ground through lava deep and up

And Rising through to feet,

It never happened, all

Is healed.


Walking normally, no trouble, now.

Where is the gratitude?

Pain is memory, Now is new.








Ode to Now

Sitting at this juncture

In the day, reading

Song in my brain

Feeling blood in my

Lips and warmth

In my veins as

Love courses through

Me, not Romance

But Now, alone,

An island, I am

It, here, sitting, at

One, no

Thought of anywhere

But now and here –

The facts that

Combine to make

My Being be –

Sound, sight, hair,

Teeth, Feet,



Wave it through

This blip of the

Heart that makes

Hands reach to

Stop the throat with

Something stodgy, grainy



Wave it off,

Now is here.


( 5th September 2009)