Fill myself with love

Feel the barometer rise

Mercury between my

Lungs up to my throat

Node-glob at the thyroid

And fill me up from there

Then the cups that sit

Between the hips and

Above the gut, let them

Overflow quickly down

The limb lines of the

Thighs through the knees

Cartillage gates to the feet

Sealed with nails to

The booted floor above

The earth, the street, the

Core that rotates all fates

And gives open hearts and

Throat-brains energy

To proceed further than the

Streets, stoked up with fresh

Love beating consistently up

Through every particle

And making each shine

Bright like the moon over

Edinburgh when January

Is high and the year is

Young with fresh hope and

Cool candour, playing

Each glob of light like                                                                         

A sacred new toy.

Quiet Prayers to the Universe




Take me through


Take me out

Heal my thoughts

To soothe my limbs

And organs,

Gorgons raise their

Ugly heads again

Rising to attention.


Stop them dead, let

Them loll, spewing

Out the dirt

In Death’s dark dribble.





Protect my heart,

It’s only soft

And already bruised

With coffee and liquor.


Keep it firm but

Flexible, with space

To expand and

Compress and play

Its song.


Make it hot to

Clot the wound

And send the

Brain curt

Response to any


Likely to lead

Both astray.



[6th October]