In The Way

Why are you afraid to look me in the

Eyes when you speak? I wonder

What would happen if someone

Said, stop blocking, be released ?


Risk choking on

Serenity, consumed unexpectedly

And take it, hot – cathartic

Spice. Feel nose sweat

And throat burn as all

Heart’s pores open

And tears boil over,

Wheeling hot tracks

Through the ashes of Fear.  


80 Degrees Farenheit


Pain killer, what else can you do?

Lying here on this hot summr night

I’m tingling from limb to limb

Hands swollen, head swollen

Teeth caved in

Nose hanging over like Mount Rushmore

Everything throbbing, hot with the

Pain juice. Head aching, tired of all

This, ready for Love and Life-

If they were here, would this pain

Sit with them?

The aspirin beckons from the drawer

But if I pull the blind on pain

Who’ll guard the view? Who’ll

Know when sun’s up or down?

Who’ll see the daisies in the compost

Heap? Not me, here, inside my

Aspirin room of fake sleep,

Dull rest.


 [Written 18th August 2009]