Home is where the heart is

And so I will grow roses
And enthuse everyone with Jasmine, having sharpened
Everything with lemons. 

Let children chew pawns
From my fresh chess set,
While I eat geranium
Chocolate with orange.  

Garden, house and food –
May I never forget these blessings
And always look up
From my table with thanks.


There is love, in the
Air, breath it in,
Breathe it out, leave

It at that, do not
Try to fill the lungs
With blood or the
Heart with air.

Big Love

I will love some heart

So big, if he sank,

His wreck would be huge,

Marked out from Space, for

Aliens to find.

Full Moon

You are a world in a

Man, you are my heart in

My hand and my stomach

In a cup that can never

Be drained, you warm up

My soul with your pulse,

Your nostrils and your breaths,

Every hair that moves

On your face is lucky to be

Born near a warmth so

Keen it could run rings around

Me after circling the moon.

It’s time for tea

We lock our hearts away

In a strong case made of

Glass you can see but not

Penetrate and behind each

Plate we line up the cups with

 Matching saucers, best bit turned

 To face the audience while behind

It cracks choke on dust and the

Wood collects gloom for want of

Other company; these cups have

Nothing to say, locked away for

So long, they have forgotten how

To warm their bones with tea, how

To handle the soothing, be cradled in

Jammy fingers and strawberry thumb


In The Way

Why are you afraid to look me in the

Eyes when you speak? I wonder

What would happen if someone

Said, stop blocking, be released ?


Risk choking on

Serenity, consumed unexpectedly

And take it, hot – cathartic

Spice. Feel nose sweat

And throat burn as all

Heart’s pores open

And tears boil over,

Wheeling hot tracks

Through the ashes of Fear.  


Thought from the Verge

Thread me a moon
Through your ear
To my heart
Booming – that irregular
Jump – start tune.

Sink my flutter
Deep in the velvet
Depths of our kinned psyches,
Twinned by Chance
Across split wombs.

Crop my vagaries
Sage them trim.
With your sharp –
Wit – reason, order
My din into sound –
Bunked rhymes, chimes
Ringing, deft
In time.

Quiet Prayers to the Universe




Take me through


Take me out

Heal my thoughts

To soothe my limbs

And organs,

Gorgons raise their

Ugly heads again

Rising to attention.


Stop them dead, let

Them loll, spewing

Out the dirt

In Death’s dark dribble.





Protect my heart,

It’s only soft

And already bruised

With coffee and liquor.


Keep it firm but

Flexible, with space

To expand and

Compress and play

Its song.


Make it hot to

Clot the wound

And send the

Brain curt

Response to any


Likely to lead

Both astray.



[6th October]


Wave it through

This blip of the

Heart that makes

Hands reach to

Stop the throat with

Something stodgy, grainy



Wave it off,

Now is here.


( 5th September 2009)


Take yourself out of

Yourself, just far

Enough to see

Without your glasses

Where the trouble is,

The sore and stinging

Itch, the blister,

There, beside the

Heart, where

Anger and frustration

Have rubbed freckles

Raw and no more

Skin is left to

Shield the soul.


Having stopped to

Look, having seen

The pain, the plaster

Will do to stop

Infection spilling

From the broken

Rim of wound.

Soon the blood will

Do its work and anger will subsist,

Just be sure to

Keep things clean

With love and watchful