Raven omen aum

The Future carries the wings
That move Past through
The doubting

Crater crack crater cracks
Tomorrow grills
Today in

Light and yet back it comes
Unearthing doubt again



The road forks

Strands that

Forever but also

Are thin and can

Slip through hands.

Close the cracks.

Keeping it real

We make what ifs and isn’ts

To feed our minds fresh memories


What can be made can be

Seen, what can be seen, is.


Still life cannot be stopped,

It was there before easel,


We can only sit in silence

And find peace in mimicry.

In good time

The Past bore us.

The Future holds

us – this very

second is that.

For now, we have

run out of Time.



Are the past

And present and the

Vastness of what could be.



Round the spikes,

Good bacteria

To our wounds.



Standing by us, reinforcement

Stacked against life’s




Leading us through

Woods, sniffing out the




Softly bouncing

Back our full-length



The past and present

And the largest part

Of what we need.




Bacterial Thinking

Magic rolling tune

Song strung behind

Mine mind mule

Dashed out after

Dark and deeper

Thinking moulding

Round the days gone

By in a thick haze

Green enough to

Grow algae’s virulent spores

To touch the Future

Tinge its raw with

Green flecks where flesh

Taints on thoughts

That writhe alive

Between what is red

And fresh and clean.