Short Summary

2 minutes to Say

A day, yes, let’s,

Quick, before it’s

Stopped and the

Flesh collapses

Into sleep.


Say a day somewhere

Far off, not today,

That’s been and

Gone, not worth

Its weight in gold,

So little lost.


Say tomorrow, that

Will be, the healthy

World will wake

Once more, tireless,

Unlike me.


The wheels will spark

And something roll –

A Clown perhaps,

With a pair of sticks,

A ball and a gun.


[7th October]


Some day it will

Drip drop home in

A round tub,

Some Love and maybe

Some pain, but wheeling

Gently, carrying stuff

And me, along.


One day it will tip,

That look, that feeling

Through the table

Will strike out into

Flesh and

Make it leap home

One Short Breath


Fresh long breath

Through a clear

Head back to brain

Down, round the

Soul and down

To feet and toe

Bones lain on the

Cool Floor,

Feeling the cold

Hum of the house

On the street

Buzzing with cars

And shaking with

Trees in the wind.


Out it flows

Lungs compress,

Cupped above the


Up it gusts through

Teeth to air

Outside, inside the

Room and part

Of the world, warmed

Up by flesh.


[20th September]