Poems face up, readers look down

 Library, shopping

List, Letter From

An Unknown Woman,

Bright Star, Retrospectre on

The Girl With the Dragon


This patchwork quilt

And picnic, these

Words, what do they mean?

No less than any poem,

Made and spread

For picnickers

To much and mix with

Their own dips,

No table, no rules.

Looking at my face in a mirror after a binge

Deep, dive in

Past black heads, hairs,

Spots and wrinkles,

Deeper, down behind

The glassy waters of

The eye

Under Mount Rushmore

Nostril tracks,

Behind the teeth somehow

And back, towards the

Brain, mother of all

boisterous angsters

Teaming round,

Shafting catapults

Down the spine, planting

Booby traps till

Good intentions trip, tumbling

Into the gut.