Free Range Patriarch Eggs

 Sell by 500 BC, use by 2011 AD

Fight, pillage,

Resources are privileged,

Keep ‘just desserts’ close,

Shroud outsiders in fear, hide

Shared traits, quick, before

Anybody spies.

Meanwhile, Reason

Comes slow through the underground

Caves , then to bathe, un-yoked

And innocent in the full

Gaze of dawn.

Before the milkman comes..

Take a tube node

in a nude robe,

make a rail stack

in a base rack,

sing a game toad

through a jail song,

breach a round fist

with a top hat.

Play a safe card

on a dud horse,

race a small car

down a kind alley,

case a large joint

with a ham held

to a stock pot of

cruelling liquorish rum.

Wish a roast catch

from a soft patch

taken to far, time

backed when cradle

scratched the timber

drawn silver in the

dust of crime hatched

warm in the sabre’s den.

Clam a tenth hole

with a skin flack

near a petal pen

written soft on a clothes

vine to make it

read cool through the

breeze of toasting wine.

Leave a mean coin fifty for

a pint of frozen, delivered

promptly at the smack of

dawn to the raw step cold

of the door, ready to wield

the whinge and make people

within soft with calf-juice,

woken up from this dream.