Day Cycle


Waking up in a world

Of pictures hung

In a line one by

One along the

Four walls you call you.


The thick smell of

Happiness or

Thin, bad dream


Make quick


Between the

Eyes, charging

Up with Day

After Night’s


Take no direction

From the subconscious,

Lurch into Now,

From one real-life

Object to another:

Cup of water,

Alarm-clock phone,

Hair band;


Passed before the

Shower door is closed.

Get out

And back in

Touch with the

Floor, the feet,

The clothes that

Keep the outside

Out and inside in.

After work,

Take clothes off again,


Away the feelings

They’ve seived through

And reveal the

Skin they’ve protected

From looks forked with words.

Sink down in the

Soft down that

Grows under


Diffuse it all

Away and fall

Asleep, let Sun’s

Warm wake fill

All your rooms.