A stroll in the park

Oh there is a peace that
Blows out my core and
Shakes every pip in its

Oh there is a place in my
Bark that creaks when I
Stretch out my feet on

A pace made of peace is
My breath as it breaks
Space between each step’s

Space Isn’t Personal

Room for me

Room for you

Room for all

Hearth, heart

And space to

Breath, to stretch

To love to

Eat to seed

To sound to

Cry unbound,

To crave, to crash

And reassemble

In the factory that

Makes each

Day new for

Each and every


Following the Mind

Twin step

Full on the

Broad mist

Of hope

Sometimes round

Always fast

Bent a day

Spent somehow

Awestruck by Life,

The rhythm sing

Of light through


One Short Breath


Fresh long breath

Through a clear

Head back to brain

Down, round the

Soul and down

To feet and toe

Bones lain on the

Cool Floor,

Feeling the cold

Hum of the house

On the street

Buzzing with cars

And shaking with

Trees in the wind.


Out it flows

Lungs compress,

Cupped above the


Up it gusts through

Teeth to air

Outside, inside the

Room and part

Of the world, warmed

Up by flesh.


[20th September]