Day 1. Camino

I started without rules
I stumbled into this day
I was all knitted to its
Sugars and salts.

Pilgrim was a hope word 
In the morning
Scrambled by night into
Lost hours, and I tasted it,
Almost dead.


You avoid the sun
Etching lines on
Your skin. You are
The artist, not the sun.

How old am I? My age is…

A leap of time
Between Death and

Round my soul,
It streaks out to the
Stars, becoming light,

It fuels
Me on or in or
Back or round,  

On how I look at it or
Listen in.

Mrs Jenkins, Blue Zone, Ward E.

She shakes her hand, no
Visitors to lift her spoon
To wet her wise mouth.

Men on top

How to behave

With men?

Men you work with.

Do you work with

Them or for them?

Senior men,

Take note!

Juniors are not


Than you



Than themselves if

That is how

You treat them.

Let them be

You and they

Will be better

Than you or

They thought possible.

Why? Because without

A  lane to call their own,

Sprinters collide and fall.