Seaside Sutra

I will practice breathing every morning Without force.

Breath, join me to everything within
And without.

Roll my truth in and out until I hear it clearly Like the waves.

April Sun in Scotland

Light everywhere, swimming in the brooks,
Springing off each root and mound of moss.

Then underneath the light, the quiet heat
Softly prizes lamb-pink blossoms out of blue.

Midnight chorus

Awake on the city’s lines
Birds sing karaoke, out of time

To Night’s electric dirty
Diesel dittied backing beats,

Dawn turns up unannounced,
And turns up the original track,

Instantly everything syncs back
Into perfect harmony, as usual.

Space on Earth

We can see the
Beginning of Time
But we can’t find
A plane in our
Own back yard,
Such is the nature
Of our universe.

Springing back

Light, we can
Dance again,
Without the
Rules of Frost
To hem us in.

The world as womb

It is the feeling of being
No matter what you’ve left

It is the feeling of being
No matter how many scars
Deface you.

The possibility of rain

My first sound of 2014
Was loud: water,

Soaking 2013’s tight
Twines of hope into

Something that is
Floating, now.

How old am I? My age is…

A leap of time
Between Death and

Round my soul,
It streaks out to the
Stars, becoming light,

It fuels
Me on or in or
Back or round,  

On how I look at it or
Listen in.

Plan a day off

Relax and the
Joy loops its
Wings around your crags  

Roll back and the
Sky unfolds
Above without limit  

Sit up and your
Light keeps
The wick ablaze

Nuclear Energy

I can’t see the
Small particles but it helps
To suspect there’s some
Truth somewhere
Inside us, probably
Behind our eyes.