Remembering New Year’s Eve at the borders of Spring

This is the dark

Before the dawn of

2011, the beginning

Of a new end, the

Time before the day

When darkness comes in

Waves and cars

Whistle past unseen their

Cargoes too excited

Happy buzzing hysterical

Tipsy nauseous, to be asleep.

This is the time, the closer

Bit to silence, when thoughts

Expand to the edges of the

Room to fill it whole with consciousness

Before the dawn

Switches on and

It goes pop, dazzled

By the light and bursts to smithereens

That disperse across

London to meet

Their final resting places

On park benches, church spires,

Kebab signs and  windowsills

Of strangers, and of friends.

Rest, oh rest peacefully, let

The year float off and keep

The best bits clean and crispy

To savour slowly over Time

And nourish away regret,

Pain has left.


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