Don’t let pain

Take the pain away

Take it down to the

High ground up ahead

To a place where it

Can breathe and exhale

Out the ache, the

Trapped strain that

Congests the brain and

Turn that clot of blackness,

Redundant coal to prism-like

Beauty like a pyramid,

Newly carved and decked

In adamite to brilliant the

Sun-strong beams that

Radiate sight.


Please take it away, shaft

It through this day to scratch

The surface of the next dawn

With a clean mark that says

Today is new and so are you,

Pain free- falling  blissfully in

 Light on a sirocco billow

Cushioned as you drop from

Branch to branch and bounce

Around with each new song.

Now it is waning

The pain in the feet

The sweat in the head

The crowd are dispersing

After relentless applause

In the sinus’ crammed stalls.

Making their way through

The limbs, women trailing behind,

Queuing under the Ladies sign

Written in tear duct pink

While the men go full surge

Ahead, keen to be first out,

At the nail-gates cold blue

Iron, into the night to hail

A cab home.

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