Cinema Fate?


 Fourth from the

Front, too

Squashed, hop

Back one, and

Space. A

Head pops

Up and floats

To fill the empty

Seat beside

Me. I hear

His breathing,

higher than mine, a tall

Man, about

My age,younger

maybe, or healthier.

He reacts to the

Film in the normal

Way and puts

A manly distance

Between me

And his laughs,

No sighs.


Ice crackles in my plastic

Cup and I hear

Coke rush down my

Throat, trying not to

Gulp and sound revolting.


Corleone rumbles on,

Tomato trees shake

With his frame –

Shots sound and

I shudder, alone. My

Ice rattles

While the head looks

On, still,calm,

He’s seen it ten

Times before,maybe.

I’ll never know

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